The Psychoanalytic Section of the ICP


The Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations was inaugurated in November 1990. A registered charity and a limited company, it aims to provide a forum for the discussion and advancement of psychoanalytic approaches to the understanding of personal and social difficulties. Members work in public and private settings, with individuals and with groups.

The Institute acts as a focus of interest and commitment for those whose major professional concern is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and related fields. It also offers public events for those who wish to explore the relevance of psychodynamic ideas to different contexts.

Current Work of the Institute
The current programme includes:
• monthly reading groups
• visiting speakers
• public conferences
• the development of specialist sections
• clinical seminars in specialist areas
• research (a list of papers produced by Institute members is available on request)
• continued promotion of links with professional bodies in the UK and Ireland
• the establishment of an EAP accredited ‘top up’ training programme
• accreditation and registration of psychotherapists in Northern Ireland

Institutional Affiliations and Associations
The Institute is a member organisation of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. The Institute also has links with the NHS Centre for Psychotherapy in Belfast.

Organisation of the Institute
Each year the Annual General Meeting elects an executive committee, who undertake the day-to-day running of the Institute.

Group Work Section
Regular meetings promote the application of group analysis, and offer support to colleagues in their professional and clinical work. The Section has also developed relations with sister organisations in the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and England.

Applying for Membership
Those interested in applying for membership should contact:

The Secretary,
NIIHR,5 Crescent Gardens, Belfast BT7 1NS, Northern Ireland

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Full membership is open to suitably qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapists.

• Trainee Membership is open to students on recognised training courses in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
• Associate Membership is open to those with an interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.