The Psychoanalytic Section of the ICP

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Freud's couchPsychoanalytic Psychotherapy takes place with individuals, groups and with children; it endeavours to facilitate understanding of underlying, often unconscious, sources of a person’s distress or disturbance.  A therapeutic setting provides support and containment for difficult emotions and facilitates the exploration and expression of aspects of a client’s problems or conflicts which may be outside everyday awareness, which often originate from sometimes forgotten-- early experiences and ways of coping, and which may adversely influence current life.  Self-reflection in the safe and supportive setting of the therapist-client relationship enables the individual to process their difficulties in a way which promotes the possibility of greater emotional freedom to make constructive life choices.

It is aimed at achieving a new and better understanding of long-standing difficulties.

The Psychoanalytic Section is a member of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, and is composed of seven organisations:

Irish Analytical Psychology Association (IAPA)

Irish Forum for Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IFCAPP)

Irish Forum for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy (IFPP)

Irish Group Analytic Society (IGAS)

Irish Psycho-Analytic Association (IPAA)

Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations (NIIHR)

Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (APPI)